Hi there and welcome! I’m Olivia and here are some things I am:

  • a teacher to exciting kindergarteners
  • a wife to an awesome dude
  • a follower of Jesus
  • a brand new homeowner
  • a curious person hoping to learn more every day

Here are some things I am not:

  • an expert baker
  • an expert photographer
  • an expert blogger
  • an expert DIYer

This blog is a project I came up with ultimately to get my bum off the couch and to get baking all the things I’ve been pinning or waiting for a special occasion to bake. Why not get better at something I like, explore new things, and hopefully develop a community of bakers/DIYers/wonderful people who can offer their insight, encouragement, and friendship? It sounds like a done deal. So here I am and here you are. Thanks for joining me each week and feel free to reach out to me about anything (unless you’re a spam robot…then don’t, okay?).